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alison.™ [userpic]

"oh, mom, i found the best prom dress! it's a peachy-orange and my boobs look great,"

April 28th, 2007 (11:13 pm)

vehemence.: satisfied
boombox.: do_your_thing@nsync.com

molly wasn't here for p.e.
luckyhoe. ran for ten minutes straight.
then walked for an hour and a half.

my boyfriend's so hardcore,
he hangs on to a 40mph+ car
while skateboarding. 
he cuts himself up a bit, 
and his friends laugh at him..
but it's a good deal.

i went shopping for a confirmation dress
with my daddy and courtney.
kids at cielo vista..
are fcking SCARYSCENE.
i saw "kiki kannibal", too. 
and when we passed by, i could of sworn 
she sounded like a dude.

i hate going to the mall because people stare at me. 
one of these days, someone's going to get shot.

i love my boyfriend.
after school was amazing. 
"but nothing happened.
i would never do that to you.
you want to know why?"
"i know,"
"yeah? so, tell me."
"no, you tell me,"
"oh, no. you tell me,"
"i know, but i want you to say it,"
"because i love you."
OHDAMN. he owns my heart. 

alison.™ [userpic]

p is for pretty. q is for cute.

April 25th, 2007 (11:07 pm)

vehemence.: refreshed
boombox.: girl_boy@video.sonny_moore_and_jono_evans.com

should have complained before we did it,
but i forgot. :/
sorry, mr. fred.

i didn't talk in third period.
:/ she treats us so differently.
we hardly talk in that class. 
and she always tells us to shut up.

rise of our conquest.
amazing and talented kids. 
jesus is jealous of them. 

the burn factor.
are always amazing and talented.
they put on a great show.

my boyfriend's mad insane.
but i love him for it. 
he says the craziest things and does the silliest of stuff, 
but he owns my heart.

ohgeeze, i love him.

alison.™ [userpic]

i'm not anorexic, miss. trust me.

April 23rd, 2007 (09:43 pm)

vehemence.: drained
boombox.: bye_bye_bye@nsync.com

bad night.
couldn't sleep.
tried listening to music,
should have picked chiodos, not bring me the horizon.
my sister was flinging her bras like a stripper.
she's going to make a lot of money, some day.
jk, she's ten. STFU.

even worse day at school,
except at lunch, i was chill.
and i listened to his stories.
i love those stories.
when he walked me back to the portables,
he made my heart jump.
and i laughed.
"i just want to be alone with you... not in a sexual way,
that's not for another 5, 7, 10, 20 years..
wow, a 37-year-old virgin. is that possible?"
it very much is possible.

my evening was terrible.
:/ went to leo's for dinner and i didn't eat.
not really. i could feel my soda trickle down my empty stomach.
i love that feeling.
though it means i'm unhealthy, because i'm hungry.
i'm so weak and sore, again. :|

my mom's worried about me,
she thinks that this is more than a cold.
she's got me scared, too. :[

tomorrow's two months.
i wouldn't skip school for the life of me.

i can't go in in the morning, i'm too
tired. i need all the sleep i can get.
sorry monika, noah, and jenny. :[[ 

alison.™ [userpic]

vix, bayer, robitussin, mentholatum.

April 22nd, 2007 (10:00 pm)

vehemence.: sore
boombox.: theres_no_penguins_in_alaska@chiodos.net

april 22 = boring. :/

i watched goldmember, and found more things funny about 
it than the first time i watched it.
then, i watched suite life of zack and cody.
and took a shower.
went to my grandma's house.

didn't eat much, today. 
i'm under heavy medication.
i won't be able to go to tennis, tomorrow.
i'm going second period.

on tuesday, it is two months.
the best two months of my life.
i love him so much.

today, i kept singing the sanjaya song.


alison.™ [userpic]

if you do, i'll cut you up.

April 21st, 2007 (11:18 am)

vehemence.: tired
boombox.: shocker_on_shock_street@dr.acula.com


good movies. :]
though, the devil wears prada was a little predictable.
i knew that guy was bad news.

anyways, my throat was killing me
this morning, and now it's getting a little better.
and my lydia was worried about me, even though i was worried about her and her nausea. 
:[ poorbby.
there's always something hurting her. :[[ <3
worse than me always being sick, in some way or form.

i wish he would have called today, or something.
i know, i'm asking for a lot..
:/ it would have made my day better.
he always does that.
i love that boy with all my heart.
i wish i could show it better.

and she can go play in traffic.
please and thank you.

alison.™ [userpic]

on the radio.

April 20th, 2007 (09:39 pm)

vehemence.: loved
boombox.: off_the_heezay@bring_me_the_horizon.com

i hate being sick.
with a passion.
my daddy says that it's just allergies,
but i know that i've never had allergies before.
why does it start now?
especially with my confirmation next week. :/

today, i felt like writing, but the moment i sat down
i lost it.
my short stories will just have to pause.

that's all.

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