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god, my family, jesus♥, lydia, molly, and frankee make life worth living.
i'm vain. i'm shy. i'm unfashionable. i'm unoriginal.
i listen to hardcore music.
i'm an anime geek.
scene/emo/hardcore, whatever. label me and i'll return the favor.
i'm tough in certain situations and think negatively.
my imagination is wider than anyone i know.
japanese culture is breathtaking.
i play online pool on yahoo kids.
i'm not afraid to use my education.
i'm nice if you're nice to me.
i love the way my boyfriend holds my hand.
i play video games.
i'm not afraid to face my problems, i'll change them if they bother those who matter.
hello kitty isn't just a cartoon character, she's a fashion statement.
i edit pictures, make banners for bands and perfection groups, and know html. [so, hit me up.]
i don't hate school but most days, i just don't look forward to it.
my boyfriend and friends are the only reason i go, anymore.
i give advice to those who want it and will use it.
i'm on the computer twenty-four/seven.
i'm intimidated by a lot of people.
i'm not perfect, but i try my best for those who notice.