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"oh, mom, i found the best prom dress! it's a peachy-orange and my boobs look great,"

April 28th, 2007 (11:13 pm)

vehemence.: satisfied
boombox.: do_your_thing@nsync.com

molly wasn't here for p.e.
luckyhoe. ran for ten minutes straight.
then walked for an hour and a half.

my boyfriend's so hardcore,
he hangs on to a 40mph+ car
while skateboarding. 
he cuts himself up a bit, 
and his friends laugh at him..
but it's a good deal.

i went shopping for a confirmation dress
with my daddy and courtney.
kids at cielo vista..
are fcking SCARYSCENE.
i saw "kiki kannibal", too. 
and when we passed by, i could of sworn 
she sounded like a dude.

i hate going to the mall because people stare at me. 
one of these days, someone's going to get shot.

i love my boyfriend.
after school was amazing. 
"but nothing happened.
i would never do that to you.
you want to know why?"
"i know,"
"yeah? so, tell me."
"no, you tell me,"
"oh, no. you tell me,"
"i know, but i want you to say it,"
"because i love you."
OHDAMN. he owns my heart. 

morning thought: DAMN, my legs are sore! :/

confirmation '07. 
thank you god for everything you've blessed me with.
even though i follow sins and what's popular, 
i know that you will continue to help me on my path
to becoming a better person, someone to help spread
your holy gospel.<3

my family is the best.
i got 85 dollars from them, only a group of twenty-one and 
two thirds of them were kids. 
i love them to pieces, i can't live without them.

so, me and my sister spent two hours trying to find
28 days later and resident evil.
in the rain. THE GLORIOUS RAIN.<33
one hour at hollywood video and then another at blockbuster.
i think i saw like 45325 familiar people, but i'll never be sure.

i'm eating ice cream and watching my sisters play 
nintendo 64 mariokart, while listening to N'SYNC. 
and i'm going to write. 
put a new myspace picture.
and possibly beat this nukka at pool.