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if you do, i'll cut you up.

April 21st, 2007 (11:18 am)

vehemence.: tired
boombox.: shocker_on_shock_street@dr.acula.com


good movies. :]
though, the devil wears prada was a little predictable.
i knew that guy was bad news.

anyways, my throat was killing me
this morning, and now it's getting a little better.
and my lydia was worried about me, even though i was worried about her and her nausea. 
:[ poorbby.
there's always something hurting her. :[[ <3
worse than me always being sick, in some way or form.

i wish he would have called today, or something.
i know, i'm asking for a lot..
:/ it would have made my day better.
he always does that.
i love that boy with all my heart.
i wish i could show it better.

and she can go play in traffic.
please and thank you.